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How to Beat That Fall Cold

We are in that time where almost everyone is getting sick and it seems as though no matter what you do, that cold just won’t go away. Here are some things to try to help get rid of that nasty bug.  

  • VITAMIN C – Not only can vitamin c help prevent a cold, but it can also help treat one. Taking a supplement can help shorten the duration so you will be in tip-top shape sooner. 

  • TEA & HONEY – There are so many different teas out there, including many that can help with colds. Some to try are lemon tea, which is full of vitamin c, throat coat can help an irritated throat from coughing, and peppermint tea which can help break up any congestion you may have. Adding honey to any tea can also act as a throat soother.  

  • SLEEP – Getting enough sleep is very important when it comes to getting over a cold. If you are able to, I would strongly recommend taking a day to do nothing but sleep all day. You will notice such a big difference after giving your body the time to heal itself. 

  • SOUP – There is actually a benefit to eating that chicken noodle soup when you are sick. The heat helps loosen up and congestion you may have so you can get it out of your body easier. Adding a little bit of spiciness can help this as well.  

  • HOT SHOWER – Hot water can also hep as a decongestant and can also help relief any achiness in your head or body using a more natural way. 

  • DRINK LIQUIDS – Make sure to keep your body very hydrated when you are sick. This will help with thinning out any mucus in you head or lungs (ew!). Water is best, but any liquid is good, beside alcohol of course.  

  • MEDICINE – Sometimes that cough is so terrible that you can’t even get the sleep you need. Some sleep aid can really help you fall asleep. And some pain reliever can help you with your headache. 


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