Favorite Study Spots

In college you learn more about yourself with every course you take.  One part of is learning the best way you study, whether it be in complete silence or at a coffee shop.  Here are many students favorite places to study, especially for finals.  


"I'm a computer science major so usually the 4th floor computer labs in communications building is where I study a lot."

Erik, Senior


"Mainly in one of the corners of Wilson Library that looks over the bay."

Jessica, Senior


"I try and find an empty classroom in Haggard Hall or the Communications Building so I cana study in silence."

Erika, Junior


" I really like the 24 hour section of the library in Haggard because there is usually no one there."

Emma, Senior


"Probably Avellino downtown because the have the BEST coffee."

Kenna, Junior

"During finals week I always find myself studying at home in my bed."

Connor (Tuna), Junior


"I like to study at the Woods Coffee place that's on the water."

Alex, Junior