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Fall Fashion 2016

  • Polka Dot Tights: The cold weather makes it hard to wear skirts and dresses but adding a pair of tights can make it possible. But you can get bored of simple black tights after a while. Switching up plain tights for some polka dot tights or even colored tights can really change your entire outfit. You can even throw a pair of tights on underneath some shorts.
  • Sweater Dresses: Unlike most other dresses, you can only really wear sweater dresses during the fall and the winter time, so might as well get as much use out of them while you can. They also look a little more fancy than regular dresses so if you need to dress up for something just throw one of these are. They are super comfy, which is another plus. 
  • Turtle Neck Sweaters: Turtle neck sweaters can look like they are almost consuming your body, but once you find one that works well, they can be super cute. They also keep you incredibly warm during the colder months. 
  • Bomber Jackets: These have become super popular this past year. Bomber jackets generally look a lot cooler than regular jackets because the material they are made out of and most generally have awesome patches on them. 
  • Scarfs: Scarfs are a classic staple of fall. They are not only super practical since they keep you so warm, but they can add so much color to your outfit. Scarves come in so many different colors and patterns that you can find one to match everything else you own.
  • Floral Patterns: You may think that floral isn’t really a fall pattern. But when the cloudy days seem endless, a nice pop of color can really liven up your outfit and your day. You can try a floral dress or shirt or maybe even a floral scarf.
  • Booties: Booties are not only super easy to slip on and run out the door, but they are actually quite comfortable. They can go with almost anything and are a quick way to and a little fanciness to your outfit. They also come in so many different styles so you will definitely be able to find a pair that you love.
  • Long Cardigans: Cardigans are a great way to transition your summer tanks into fall. But they can get kind of old after a while. Try out a long cardigan instead. It is a very small difference but it really can change your entire look. 
  • Floppy Hat: These are so cute and can really dress up a simple outfit. They generally come in basic colors that will match almost everything. Just be careful not to lose it during the windier days. 
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