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Erica Ewell: A Real Rockstar

In today’s world where the media dominates the young minds of girls, students like the lovely Erica Ewell strive to make a positive impact on the world around her.


1)    Describe Girls Rock! What is its purpose?

Girls Rock! WWU is a new club on campus that acts as an extension of Bellingham Girls Rock Camp. BGRC has existed in Bellingham for four years as a week long summer camp for girls aged 8-17, that gives them an opportunity to express themselves through writing and playing music, as well as in workshops about feminism, body image, and media literacy. The club is looking to bring those ideals to campus and create a platform for Western students to share their sound.


2)    What inspired you to start Girls Rock?

    The number one response I get when I tell people about the work that BGRC does is, “I wish I’d had that when I was a kid!” So Morgan Lanza, the camp director, and I basically thought, “why not have it now?” We started the club as a way to continue the important conversations from camp, but among our peers, all genders included. It’s been a rocky start—forming a brand new club is a lot of work, and we encountered problems we weren’t expecting, like branding and marketing… I don’t know about that stuff; I just want to talk about music! But we’re figuring it out with lots of help, and we’re determined to create a place that encourages Western students to contribute to the conversation through songwriting workshops, documentary showings, open mics and performances.


3)    If you could send one message to girls out there what would it be?

    One message to all the girls? Wow… I’d want to say that your voice matters. What you have to say matters, so speak with pride, and don’t apologize. You rock.


4)    If you could change one thing about the world what would it be? 

     Well, I think there’s a lot that needs changing… But I think even our biggest problems might be offset by an increase in the arts. If every kid was given the opportunity to dance, or sing, or paint, or play an instrument, and was encouraged to think creatively, the world might be a nicer place.


More about Erica:


5)    What’s your status (freshman/sophomore/junior/senior) 

     I’m technically a junior at Western, but I’m working on a second bachelor’s degree. My first was in Musical Theater Performance.


6)    What are you studying/majoring in?

    I’m studying Music Education. I hope to teach high school choir, or continue with music related nonprofit work.


7)    What is your favorite scent?

    I love citrusy scents. Florals make me sneeze!


8)    If you could live off of one food for the rest of your life what would it be? 

    Pasta, hands down.



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