Don't be an "Idiot"

The original definition of an idiot is much different than how the word is used today. Today when you call someone an idiot you are calling them stupid or unintelligent. The original definition of an idiot was someone who doesn’t vote. In that case the definitions are still connected because it is stupid not to vote.


So every time some says:


“I don’t really like any of the candidates so I’m just not going to vote.”

It’s not about liking them as people; it’s about choosing a candidate that you think will best lead the country you live in.


“I’m not really very political.”

Why not? “Man is a political animal by nature.”-Aristotle

There is no such thing as being truly apolitical. Politics is founded in voice, choice and power. If you don’t vote you give up your voice and choice in who is in power and what they do with that power.


“I don’t really keep up with politics.”

Again, why not? Everyone is worried about social issues and the need for change. The path to real implemented social change is politics. You can’t avoid the political system and expect reform.


“I’m just going to vote for the name I recognize.”

Ok, you are voting which is an improvement but an uninformed voter is just as bad as an idiot. It isn’t hard to become informed on candidates and their plans for presidency. Social media has made accessing information easier than ever, so access it.  


“My vote doesn’t matter anyway.”

Ok sure, one vote in the whole of the U.S. isn’t a lot, but what happens when say 3 million people have the same feeling? The ballots start to stack up.


People fought so you could vote for a long time. If you are a woman, people fought so you could have a voice. If you are an African American people fought for your right to vote. If you are anyone that isn’t a rich, white, male, and from an important family, people fought for YOUR right to vote. Don’t take on of the biggest perk of living in a Democratic nation lightly. Don’t be an idiot.