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Cheap Spring Break Alternatives

Spring break is near and many students are more than ready for a break from studying. If the piggy bank is looking low, here are some cheap spring break alternatives so every student can get the break they deserve!

Dig out your passports to go across the border to Canada

A trip to Canada can be done in a day with the distance, but with so much to do you can also easily spend most of your break in British Columbia.

Vancouver is a popular travel spot for Western students, and with so much to do it’s easy to understand why-

Watch live theatre under the stars, get unbelievable views in a glass enclosed view-pod, relax on the sandy shores of the Spanish Banks.

Visit some of the prettiest beaches without taking a plane on the Oregon Coast

On the coast

Check out the Devil’s Punch Bowl, historic lighthouses, get some famous clam chowder, or tour the Tillamook factory.


In Portland

Pick an array of choices for a brewery tour or eat at Portland’s famous food cart scene!

Plenty of Adventure in our own Washington State

Stay in the Bavarian-themed town of Leavenworth

Nestled in the mountains of Washington, this town will make you feel like you’re in Europe without leaving the state. For a good deal look at camping or motel options. This is a beautiful town any time of year with lots of shopping, eating and outdoor options.


Get out on the water in Seattle

University of Washington Waterfront Activities Center offers canoes and rowboats to rent for $9 weekdays, and $11 for weekends. Go on an Ice Cream Cruise in Lake Union! Every Sunday the Seattle Ferry Service offers this service between 11 a.m-5 p.m for $11.

Pick one of the San Juan Islands

With only being about an hour drive from Bellingham, go whale watching, go on bike ride around the island, or try a kayaking tour.

Stuck in Bellingham for Break? No Problem-

If you’ve already done all the Bellingham staples like felt the mist from Whatcom Falls Park, ate a Boomer’s Burger and hiked the Oyster Dome here are a few more of Bellingham’s lesser known treasures.


Go for a ride at camel safari! It’s not the cheapest option, but pretty exotic for little ol’ Bellingham.

See an Octopus at the Marine Life Center-A quaint little place, free and right along the beautiful Zuanich Point Park.

Jump around at the brand new Trampoline Zone!


No matter where you go plan ahead:

  • Make sure to book a hotel ASAP or contact family/friends who live in the area

  • Make time for researching all the choices and options as far as hotels/flights/restaurants nearby

  • Budget yourself to keep your bank account in check

  • Be careful of eating out too much because that can get expensive fast. Maybe even pack meals or find a place to stay with a kitchen to do a little cooking.

  • The more friends you bring the cheaper it’ll be as far as places to stay, but also remember more friends might make it a little more complicated with different schedules.

Either way have fun and make sure to relax!

PNW Native with half of my heart in the Evergreen State and the other half in warm, tropical Panama with the rest of my family. PR major with a passion for writing, humanities minor with an interest in learning about cultures different than my own.
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