Busing In Bellingham

Whether you need to get to class in the morning or do some shopping at the mall, Bellingham has a the answer.  The Whatcom Trandsportation Authority is the public transportation that we have here in Bellingham and are so lucky to be paired up with our WWU campus.  Every student at Western has an ID card that gives them unlimited acces to the bus routes throughout Whatcom County.  Most students use these cards every day to get to and from campus for class.  

No matter where you live in Bellingham there is always a bus stop near by.  Even if students live farther away from a bus stop, many will drive and park near one so it saves them gas money and so they don't have to pay the ridiculous parking fees on campus.  

There are four different lines that run in Bellingham: the Blue Line, Green Line, Gold Line and Red Line.  Each one has a specific route that it follows throughout the day.

In the image above it shows exactly where each of these different bus lines go.  The one used most often by students is always the Blue Line since it goes straight to campus.  The bus drivers that run these routes are always the nicest as well.  They are more than happy to wait a couple extra seconds whenever they see a desperate student running their way as they are about to close the doors.  They also have heard every excuse in the book for not having bus fare or your ID card so just be honest with them and they will usually always let you on.  

Us students here at Western are so lucky to have access to such an extensive transportation system that just so happens to come with an amazng university, too.