Bellingham Thrift & Consignment Shops

Are you ready to pop some tags? You’ve come to the right place. It’s time to pack up your winter clothes and brighten up your wardrobe because spring has arrived!  If you are like most college students, you’re rollin’ on a budget, which means you can’t just drop $200 at Bellis Fair Mall to update your spring wardrobe. Luckily, we live in Bellingham where there are quite a few awesome thrift shops to check out. Remember thrift stores and consignment shops can always be a hit or miss depending on the time or season you go in, so be sure to give these places a second chance if you are not impressed the first time around.


1.  Buffalo Exchange

Where: 1209 N. State St.

Price Rating: $$

You won’t find a trendier selection anywhere than at Buffalo Exchange. Though on the pricier side at times, Buffalo Exchange has tons of clothes, shoes, and accessories for men and women that are popular and in-style, as well as some funky styles mixed in.


2.  Value Village

Where: 150 E Bellis Fair Pkway

Price Rating: $$$

Value Village is always the go-to place for anyone’s thrift shopping needs. From furniture to books to clothing, Value Village has it all. The store is big which means you have a wide selection, but it can require some hunting to find what you’re looking for.


3.  Assistance League of Bellingham

Where: 2817 Meridian St.

Price Rating: $

Assistance League has an upscale “Thrift & Gift Shop” where they sell quality gently used clothing, accessories, and household items along with books, artwork, and furniture pieces. All of the funds that are raised from this thrift shop support the five local community programs.


4.  Wise Buys Shop

Where: 1224 N. State St.

Price Rating: $$

From clothing to household items, Wise Buys offers great deals to shoppers.  Proceeds from this store go to a non-profit called Lydia’s Place which helps homeless women and children in the community.


5.  Goodwill

Where: 1115 E Sunset Dr.

Price Rating: $

Goodwill, like Value Village, is a great go-to thrift store. They have a large selection of items, decent prices, and are well-staffed with hardworking and friendly employees.


6.  Lucky Dog Clothing

Where: 2519 Texas St.

Price Rating: $

Offering a selection of specialty clothing for men, Lucky Dog sells a variety of designer, vintage, and athletic clothes and shoes. This thrift shop was started by two Western students with plans to open another store in Seattle after they graduate this spring.


7.  Salvation Army

Where: 1515 Birchwood Ave.

Price Rating: $

The Salvation Army Thrift Retail Store offers a wide selection of used clothing, furniture, household items, and more. Not only is this a great place to shop for new spring clothes, but donating gently used clothing or items to the Salvation Army is a wonderful way to give back to the community and those in need.


8.  Mad Hatter Clothing

Where: 1327 Railroad Ave.

Price Rating: $

Mad Hatter Clothing is for the lovers of vintage and quirky styles. Prices are affordable and you will find something you like without having to look too hard!


9.  Serendipity Consignment Boutique

Where: 1201 11th St., Ste 102

Price Rating: $$

Serendipity has a wonderful selection of women’s clothing and accessories. On trend, nice employees, and a great mix of new and consigned clothing…what more could you ask for?


*Price Ratings based on Yelp review averages.