Anna Wulfekuhle: A Round of Applause

The theater experience for most is from the perspective of a red velvet seat and blind to the crazed effort of those involved. Anna Wulfekuhle is a junior that one could never say lacks involvement. Wulfekuhle, who if you ask how to pronounce her last name would say “WOLF-uh-cool, like an animal, a hesitation, and a thumbs up,” has had an impressive year that requires the attention of others (from this writer's humble opinion).


The soon-to-be 21 year old started off this year in Western Washington’s fall production of Legally Blonde. Wulfekuhle was the character of Serena and said, “I got to sing and dance the Bend and Snap and wear tiny shorts, midriff-baring tops and sparkly hats and have a gloriously fun time.” Her performance was hilarious and fantastic. Elise Swanson, who starred with Anna Wulfekuhle in Legally Blonde, said, “ Anna is one of the most hard working people I have ever met, and she calls everyone to a higher standard.”

                                                               Elise Swanson(Left) and Anna Wulfekuhle(Right) In Legally Blonde.


As the year progressed in the winter, Wulfekuhle was the dramaturg for the show “In the Next Room or the Vibrator Play.” (A dramaturg is the person that does the research for a production.) Wulfekuhle says her work as dramaturg “means that I know more about the history of sex toys than your average gal, put simply. I did tons of research and compiled and presented it to the actors and designers to assist in their processes.” Swanson also said that Wulfekuhle’s involvement on dramaturgy was amazing because she does it on her own accord.


Wulfekuhle also received a Certificate of Merit nomination from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, which is an incredible honor. She is also the President Elect of Student Theater Productions (STP), which means she acts as a voting member and will be assuming the role of STP president next year. This year she spent shadowing current president Chris Quilici. Furthermore, Wulfekuhle will be the DRAC representative for the Theater and Dance department next year. A leader if anyone has seen one!


In the near future Wulfekuhle will be on Mainstage as Mara in /faust this June. On /faust she said “/faust is a devised play, which means (Reader’s Digest edition) that it was conceived, written, developed, and rehearsed collaboratively by the company over the last two quarters.” Building off of that she said “I have come to LOVE devising, and I am thrilled to share our labor of love with the larger community.” Eric Brake, who has been working with Wulfekuhle in /faust said “she is one of the most emotionally present people I know and working with her is always an uplifting experience.”  (Seriously, who could not love this girl?)


Anna Wulfekuhle is a force to be reckoned with and an amazing worker, which is obvious. Her work in the theater department and her dedication truly deserves applause. Final closing thoughts from Wulfekuhle, “I hope to get to be a part of more shows and projects, and to finish my Acting and Theater Management concentrations, my Political Science minor, and my Honors courses. Phew! I’m working on balancing art and school and work and sleeping and staying hydrated and not solely eating Cup of Noodle.”