5 Little Perks to Being Single


1.     You get to wear your unattractive comfy underwear all the time.

No more cute lace and bows just because you are seeing “them.” Enjoy your cottony freedom!


2.    You can Netflix binge.


Now you can watch as many hours of "Orange is the New Black," as you want, without thinking about keeping your S.O. entertained.



3.    You never have to share your food.

Now that you are solo that usual serving for two is a serving for one. Every pizza can be a personal pizza, no matter the size.


4.    You can hang with your friends without feeling guilty.

If you want you can spend all your new freedom with your friends, the ones you may have been neglecting during your relationship. Now every night can be girl’s night!



5.    You can focus on just you.

The beginning of being single again is always hard, but now it is all about you. You can devote your every moment to doing what you want and being who you want. Your world really does revolve around you.