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3 Signs You Go To Western

1.  You secretly want to take a brick from somewhere on campus.

  Our campus is composed mostly of bricks, so what’s a better keepsake than a piece of our campus? 


2.  You get excited every time you see a deer.

  Sure, they’re almost like pigeons in their abundance, but it’s always exciting to see a deer. Stop and take a picture to enjoy the moment, and keep an eye out for the stag that hangs out by Buchanan Towers. 

3.  You could live off of Zoe’s bagels.

  Even though everyone pronounces it differently, we can all agree that Zoe’s bagels are one of the best things to eat on campus. Stop by between classes to warm up and grab a bagel, or stay for a while to study. 


Our school is pretty beautiful, huh?

My name is Julia, and I'm currently a freshman at Western Washington University. I love hiking and the outdoors, and drinking way too much tea.
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