Your Wardrobe vs the Weather

These days, despite the weather apps and constant predictions, it’s impossible to guess how to dress for your day when the weather outside is constantly changing. It could be freezing in the morning, boiling in your classroom, and then warm and windy in the afternoon! So how do you dress for weather that can’t decide?

Luckily, you don’t have to resort to carrying around multiple outfits or changing clothes five times a day. The easiest solution is layering. Layering, in simplest terms, is wearing different pieces of clothing that can be put on or taken off very easily without disrupting your outfit. Most of the time, layers consist of upper body garments, like jackets, cardigans or sweatshirts. You could also use sweaters, scarves, or even vests over a t-shirt or tank top to give you an extra layer of warmth. The best part is, if you get too hot, you can always take them off and still look appropriate. 


Also, it is helpful to carry with you a good bag to carry things you may need to help you through changing weather conditions: gloves, flats, scarves, sunglasses, mini umbrella, etc. This bag will also serve to carry any layering pieces that you choose to discard throughout your day. If the changing weather takes a toll on your hair or make-up, this carrying bag is a great place to store a small brush or make-up bag for quick touch-ups between classes. This can be a book bag, a gym bag, or, my personal favorite, a messenger bag!

So here’s hoping these tips can help you and your wardrobe survive the unpredictable weather!

Stay Classy, Ladies! 


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