A Year’s Worth of Wise Words from Roommates

If you’re lucky, you may end up with some of the greatest roommates you can imagine while in college. Regardless, there are some universal things all roommates say. Throughout this past year, I compiled a short list of things my roommates and I said to each other. 

1. For all the times you’re running late and should have already left:

“Are you ready? You have negative four minutes until we have to leave.” (AKA “we’re running late”)

2. When washing dishes that have been piling up for weeks:

“Do you even know what you ate out of this bowl?”

3. When you go through soap so, so quickly:

“We’re almost out of pumpkin soap, and it’s only the 3rd of November!”

4. When you spend too much time looking at Kylie Jenner’s Instagram:

“Can we be the type of friends that buy each other Mercedes?”

5. When no one realized it was raining before it was too late:

“I hate weather. All of it.”

6. We all have that one person who can never keep their part of the room clean.

“I cleaned off my desk, but now it’s all on my bed.”

7.  Sometimes we’re a little too attached…

“I think we should wake up (insert other roommate’s name here, even though they don’t have class so she can get ready with us).”

8. No one ever wants to pick a fight, but…

“I’m not complaining, but this is going to be an issue in the future.”

9. If one gets sick, we all get sick.

“No one’s getting sick for the rest of the semester. If you feel sick, pretend like you’re not.”

10. When you didn’t get enough to eat at dinner:

“Can I eat this candy? I found it in your bed.” This can’t be sanitary, but I want it anyway.

11. When you hang out with people other than your roommates:

“I feel like I just did enough socializing to last me a month.”

Whether you plan on rooming with them again or parting ways, don’t forget to thank your roommates for living with you the past year. Your college life would be so much different without them.