Women of Wesleyan: Madison Messinger

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney

Meet this week's Woman of Wesleyan: Madison Messinger! Madison is a senior from Charleston, WV and is patiently awaiting graduation in May! Get to know her a little bit more below:

What is your major/minor? My major is Biochemistry, and I have minors in both Mathematics and Human Biology.

What organizations have you been involved in during your time at Wesleyan? I am a sister of Alpha Delta Pi, where I have acted as Continuous Open Rectruitment Chair and Executive Vice President. I'm the co-founder and former Vice President of the WVWC Pre-Med Society. On top of that, I'm a member of the Benzene Ring (chemisty club). Oh, and I'm a former RA!

What will you miss most after you graduate? Where do I even begin? I'll miss all my ADPi sisters and all of the freinds that I've become so close with the past few semesters. Most of all, I think I'll miss Dunn lobby study parties with my best friends.

What are your plans once you graduate? My plans keep changing everyday (so stressful)! Righ now, I plan to attend WVU next year to get a one year masters degree in Health Science. After that, I plan to attend Virginia Tech to get a masters degree in Biomedical Engineering and do my research in biomechanics! I would love to continue on and get a PhD afterwards, but that's still up for debate!

What advice do you have for underclassmen? If your "back up" career choice means just as much to you as your first, give it a shot. It may be where your heart really lies!

Good luck to Madison in all her future endeavors!