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Why You Shouldn’t Read too Closely into Cosmo

With a wide variety of topics geared toward the female audience (ranging from politics to fashion), Cosmopolitan is known as the #1 women’s magazine. For some, Cosmo is a way of life, a guide to achieving the most out of one’s career, relationship, life, etc. But what if these well-intentioned messages of female empowerment are actually contradictory and sometimes even problematic? Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t read too closely into Cosmo:   

1. Having perfect eyebrows and a fashionable wardrobe is great and all, but there are more important things in life than being well-groomed. Cosmo places great emphasis on appearance, implying that beauty is a woman’s top priority. But women are much more than their physical appearance. They are intelligent, compassionate and driven. They have aspirations  and values that extend beyond the mirror.

2. Almost every Cosmo cover-star looks picture-perfect. But, in reality, most have been extremely Photoshopped. So even if you try to look like these women, it’s impossible because they don’t even look like that! Don’t let a magazine tell you what is and isn’t beautiful; set your own standards and embrace all parts of yourself! 

3. These magazines promote the idea that if you work out and become thin, you will feel happy and beautiful. Again, this is implying that happiness is obtained through perfecting your physical appearance. This message fails to consider the importance of mental health (or how these types of ideas affect it).

4. Cosmo’s messages are simply confusing and contradicting. They tell women that they need to do it all. We are expected to have a hot sex life, work out to feel great, make money yet relax, and have great hair all at the same time! You really don’t need to do any of these things to be happy—do what you truly love instead!


Media sources like Cosmo can pressure women into obtaining a “perfect appearance” with the notion that it leads to happiness and success. Many women are forced to go to great lengths in order to meet society’s standards of beauty. Eating disorders and body dysmorphia are just a few examples of the nation-wide epidemic. Outer appearance will not bring you inner happiness. Learn to love your real self, flaws and all. Because you are beautiful just the way you are!

I enjoy writing for Her Campus, studying Sociology, cooking, and listening to music. I have an appreciation for learning about the world we live in and how to make it a better place for everyone.  I hope you enjoy my articles! 
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