What A Trump Presidency Means for Planned Parenthood

Following November 8th's election results, America is about to be turned upside down in more ways than we can count. After months of the demagogue Trump's campaign promises of banning the Muslim faith, building border walls, undermining LGBT rights and constricting women's reproductive rights- the unthinkable has happened.

As our country is faced with an extremely conservative, right-leaning body in the presidential seat, what exactly does this mean for health clinics, like Planned Parenthood and the men/women that take advantage of their services?  

While Planned Parenthood may provide abortions, they also provide STI screening, birth control (in many forms) and health and sex education. Furthermore, most of these services can be provided for free under the affordable care act. Women across the country—myself included—have depended on Planned Parenthood and other clinics for access to birth control for years. For those of us who can't afford contraception, or can't risk reaching out to family for assistance in getting it, Planned Parenthood is essential to our health. 

With Trump's campaign promise of defunding Planned Parenthood and repealing the Affordable Care act all together, we have reason to be afraid of losing these services. And with a republican majority in the house and senate and an open spot in the Supreme Court that will certainly go to a republican, it’s a very real possibility.

It isn’t all bad news though. Planned Parenthood is an organization dedicated to it’s cause that won’t go down without a fight (also a great follow on Instagram!). They’ve promised to keep ensuring that their patients will have access to the care they need and to support humans in all their diversity.

In the mean time, have a plan for your health/birth control needs just in case you lose access. It’s better safe than sorry! (4 year IUD’s anyone?)