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Tips for the Second Half of the Semester

Spring Break is over as everyone comes back to campus and starts to set up for the second half of the semester. Now that we’ve had a break, we should be relaxed and ready to go for the second half, right? For most people, this is a false statement. Typically, this is the time to get our heads together and work on finishing the semester; “The Home Stretch,” as I like to call it. This is the point when everyone has received their midterms and now must make up for the fallen grades in the beginning of the year. The time when we must start to study and prepare for the finals that are just a short turn around the corner. The second half of the semester can be stressful; therefore, here are some tips that may help you get through it a little easier (one can hope, anyway).

  1. Stay Organized

Organization is key! Keep your planner updated on what needs to done and what assignments are coming up. Tracking your assignments and when they are due can help a person keep track of the time they have left to complete them and help budget time for other projects.

  1. Make a Plan.

When a student comes back from break and is not happy with a current grade he or she has in a class, talk to the professor. The professor will be honest with you and talk with you on what needs done to better your grade. They can also help you plan for the class and give you realistic goals to attain for the coming exams. This way, you can understand what is expected of you in the next couple of weeks and what you need to do to achieve this plan.

  1. Stay on Task

Before you start your day, make a schedule of it. Break the day down hour by hour and plan what you will do during that time. By doing this, you can stay on task and push away the heavy procrastination. This will help manage your time wisely and complete the tasks that need to be done on that day.

  1. Prioritize

When making your schedules and deciding what assignments to do during the day, you need to make sure to keep the priorities straight. Do the assignments that are due the next day or two before working on the ones that are due next week. Also, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to study for that exam that needs a little more time than usual. This will help keep assignments and studying on track and give you plenty of time to work on them.

We all have those struggles when getting back from spring break. You know, the mood that makes you just want to cruise through the rest of the semester and get to summer; however, this sadly cannot happen. This is the time to get our heads in the game and start cracking more on the books. Trust me, there will be plenty of resting time in the summer!

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