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Tips for Going Through Sorority Recruitment

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVWC chapter.

Thinking about going through recruitment for Greek Life? You should! Nervous at the thought about joining? Don’t be. Here are some tips on to help you as you go through the recruitment process:


  1. Breathe:

Before walking in the doors of the suite, just take a breather. This experience is simultaneously exciting, overwhelming, and nerve-wracking. Just take a breath and calm down before entering and being taken by one of the sisters.


  1. Ask anything that comes to mind:

If you have any concerns or even just broad, general questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. The sisters want you to ask questions and help you through the process. Asking allows them to help you and keeps the conversation going. No matter how stupid or random you think the question is, just go ahead and ask. Trust me, the sisters will not mind. If for some reason they don’t know the answer, they will try their best to help or ask others to help answer.


  1. Be yourself:

Deciding to join a sorority is a big choice. These are the people that will help shape your college and Greek life experience; therefore, be yourself and show who you are. The right sorority should accept you for you, so let your true colors show.


  1. Don’t tell your friends where you’re thinking of going:

When I went through, I didn’t tell my friends where I was thinking of going; I didn’t want to be influenced by what they were thinking. Just because your friends are thinking of a specific sorority, doesn’t me you have to go there. You need to pick what is right for YOU, not your group. Trust me, you will continue to be friends even if you chose a different place. Just because you join one doesn’t mean it consumes your life or limits you. You can still hang out with whomever you chose.


Being in Greek life is fun and exciting. You can develop so many life skills and make so many memories through this experience. Along with that, you meet so many great people, some just by going through the recruitment process. So, if you decide to give this try, keep these tips in mind and enjoy the experience. Good luck to everyone this recruitment semester!

Until next time, HCXO!