Style Interview with Kelly Lee, Founder / Editor of

From the very first glance, you’ll see that this Audrey Hepburn-esque gal knows a thing or two about life and entertainment.

Kelly Lee, Founder and Editor of, is an unstoppable force when it comes to fashion, beauty and lifestyle expertise. From her sunny abode in Beverly Hills to the streets of Paris, Kelly has the full scoop on all things glamorous. She was kind enough to share bits of her story, perspective and wisdom with Her Campus WVWC.

Her Campus: What have you been up to recently?
Kelly Lee: We recently bought a weekend house in Palm Springs, so I’ve been doing lots of vintage shopping and decorating! I’ve also recently partnered with some great brands to host some fun parties, so I’ve been in entertaining mode. And we’re on a trip to London and Paris now!

HC: It seems like you’re always up to something fun. Do you ever have trouble finding a new adventure?
KL: We’re very lucky that, in Southern California, adventure awaits at every turn. I am a huge fan of Beverly Hills (and the ability to walk to Sprinkles Ice Cream on a whim!) or lunch on a rooftop while imbibing sunshine, but I also love Palm Springs and the desert. If we have down time (which is becoming more and more rare these days), my husband and I love to jump in the car and hit the road to explore. Whether it’s to Malibu for the afternoon or Santa Ynez for a weekend in beautiful wine country, the journey is always the best part.

HC: That is so exciting! Speaking of journeys, at what age did you realize you wanted to jump into entertainment, beauty and fashion?
KL: I was pretty much a tomboy growing up, but I credit (or blame?) my best friend Brandi for introducing me to fashion magazines in 8th grade. That’s when the love affair with fashion started and deepened with slumber party viewing sessions of Behind the Velvet Rope with Lauren Ezersky. Dreams of living in New York and working in magazines started marinating, although I knew by the third grade that I wanted to be a writer. (Cut to me writing sappy poems and love stories in the park when I was 9!) In college, I jumped around the communication school from advertising, to journalism, to radio-television-film (which I ultimately graduated with a Bachelor of Science), as I wasn’t sure if I would do copywriting, magazine writing or writing for television.

HC: But changing areas of study like that surely builds an appreciation for those studies. How did you get your start?
KL: I had many internships during college, copywriting at a few dotcoms (one through which I met my husband), doing a little bit of everything at a film production company and working at an ad agency. I also wrote entertainment reviews for the Daily Texan, the college newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin. After I graduated, I got a job in Texas as a freelance lifestyle and entertainment writer for AOL. That was great for a while, but my desire to live in either in New York or LA was really tugging at me. Luckily, my editor at the time was based in LA, so I asked if they had any openings there. They said “Come on out and we’ll talk,” so, along with a friend, we packed up my car and road tripped from Texas to Los Angeles. I met with the higher ups at AOL and landed a job as an entertainment editor. One month later, I packed up my car again – this time to the hilt – and moved to Beverly Hills.

HC: What has been the highlight of your career so far?
KL: One of the most unforgettable moments was being asked to appear on The Martha Stewart Show to host a Fashion Fixes segment with Martha herself. I explained to her the wonders of Booty Pop (kind of like a padded bra for your backside). Talk about a moment I’ll never forget! I really admire the brand and company that she has built and would like to follow a similar path, so meeting her was a definite highlight. With that said, the best part of my job is all of the connections and friendships that I have made. Blogging is really a great community, and I feel so grateful to have met and befriend the people that I have.