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Simple Yet Underrated Ways to Stay Politically Active

Regardless of your emotions about the outcome of the election, remaining politically active after the voting polls close is a way to stay informed and continue to make your voice heard. Often times, voting is viewed as the pinnacle of political self-expression, and while it is certainly a valuable and by no means overrated component of your civil duty, it is not the only way to do your part in creating change.

1. Contact your elected officials and representatives. Calling, emailing or writing your local and national political officials may seem as if it will have a minimal impact, but if they receive many similar opinions, the point may very well be taken to heart and discussed on a larger scale. You never know, your method of reaching out may be the one that it takes to inspire initiative. It is never naïve to believe that your individual voice matters.

2. Become part of a group that handles issues you are passionate about. Surrounding yourself with other people who are as driven to generate policy change in any given area, whether it be animal rights issues or education reform, can give you other driven, dedicated people to bounce ideas off of and generate a plan of action. And, while it is very true that your opinion as an individual holds inherent value and weight, the sentiments of a group can attract more attention under the concept of power in numbers. As an organization, it is also easier to sponsor events that facilitate awareness and generate more support for the issue at hand.

3. Give to causes you believe in. Donating money, resources, or your time to other people who are advocating for causes you also encourage is another way to demonstrate your support and solidarity. If you decide that donating or volunteering is your method of choice, reaching out to organizations is another way to make connections with others who share some of the same values that you do. While it is always great to associate with people who think differently than you do to gain a new perspective, it is also equally valuable to meet people who can identify with your set of beliefs. However, make sure that if you are giving money to an organization to sufficiently research it beforehand to ensure that your contributions are truly going where you see fit and where they can do the most good.

Engaging in any of these behaviors can be the first steps to becoming more involved and aware in a changing political climate. No matter how you voted or where your support lies, every opinion is legitimate, and by becoming more active in politics, you increase the likelihood of influencing public policy at every level.

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