Shelby Boyd, Campus Celebrity

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” -Will Rogers

This week’s Campus Celebrity is an amazing RA, sorority sister, and nursing major! Shelby Boyd may be into everything this campus has to offer, but she still makes time to shine a smile at anyone she sees!

Year? Junior

Major? Nursing

Hometown? Cross Lanes, WV

Why did you choose Wesleyan? I chose Wesleyan for a few different reasons, one of them being I am a third generation student here at Wesleyan. My grandfather, Donald Coleman, attended Wesleyan when it was a United Methodist seminary. Then my uncle, Ronald Coleman, came to Wesleyan and was a brother of Theta Xi. I also attended camps at Wesleyan for many years in middle and high school, where I fell in love with the way that the campus was designed. I feel like the smaller student body allows for a more personal connection with professors and your fellow students and that is something that is really important to me.

What activities are you involved in at Wesleyan? I am a sister of Alpha Gamma Delta and a member of SNOW, Student Nurses of Wesleyan. I am also a Resident Assistant for the Campus Life Office.

Best memory/memory at college? One of my favorite memories at Wesleyan is receiving my Big Sister, Kayla Wood. She has been such a positive influence on my life and I know she will always be there for me when I need her.

Hobbies? I enjoy singing, cooking and crafting.

Future plans? I plan on graduating and working on a pediatric unit for a hospital in West Virginia.

Dream Job? I would love to be a Pediatric Oncology nurse.

Any special talents? I can make my tongue touch my nose.

What is your spirit animal? My spirit animal is definitely an elephant!

Favorite place to be? My favorite place to be is in my bed in Camden watching Netflix.

Any advice for your past self? You are beautiful, no matter your size, what you wear, or what anyone else says. You will succeed. Stay confident in yourself. Always love yourself.


There you have it, collegiette! If you don’t already know this Campus Celebrity, get to know her today!