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RLCG: When is it the right time in a relationship to say “I love you”?

The magic word “love” is something we all want to hear on a daily basis.

The hardest thing in a relationship to do is to try tell someone that you love them.

You get 20 seconds of courage and you’re supposed to go for it!! When you do it, you have the risk of the other person not accepting it, or saying they love you back.

Depending on the relationship you have with the other person, the feeling of love can occur at anytime. It can be two days or two years, but love is love and love is a tricky thing to deal with.

There isn’t a right time to tell someone that you love them. Telling someone you love them is a special moment for both parties. But before you do it, I advise making sure you know that they might love you back.

Let me break down what ” I love you” means to me:

I = the individual is has the strong feelings for the other person asks who wants the other person to know who is the one who has these feelings towards them.

LOVE = “an intense feeling of deep affection”. I will do anything and everything for you. You mean everything to me. I would give everything up for you. It’s us and we, no more I and me. Love is the a promise, just like a wedding ring.

YOU: The person I can’t live without. My other half. My person. My bestfriend.

So! When is it the right time to say I love you? When you know in your heart the feelings you have for the special person is truly and 100% real.

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