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Research-Tested Ways to Keep from Getting Sick This Flu Season

One of the few things many of us will readily admit we didn’t miss about college is how easy it is to get sick, especially during cold and flu season. Once one of the girls on the floor of your dorm or the guy that sits behind you in class starts sniffling, it seems to only be a matter of time. Hopefully you can find at least one of these 5 research-supported behaviors that work for you and help you combat a pesky cold this semester!

1. Nap Whenever Possible

As a college student, most of us likely laugh (or at least want to) whenever we are reminded that we should be regularly getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night. However, a lack of sleep (especially a persistent one) can leave our immune systems at a severe deficit, so finding time to at the very least take a power nap the day after a poor night’s sleep can give us a much-needed boost.

2. Keep your Hands Moisturized

We all know that one of the very best ways to prevent infection is washing our hands regularly, but having dry, chapped skin can also let in germs and increase our susceptibility to disease.

3. Carry Around a (Reusable) Water Bottle

Taking your own personal water bottle along with you in your backpack or purse means you don’t have to drink from water fountains and avoid contact with additional germs as much as possible.

4. Make Your Snacks Protein-Packed

Diets lower in protein have been linked to weakened immune systems, so take along a protein bar, handful of nuts, or cheese stick with you to class to make sure you’re getting an acceptable amount!

5. Relax After Class with a Cup of Tea

In addition to the antioxidants found in many teas, inhaling the steam helps your nose more efficiently clear out germs and bacteria and using honey to sweeten it acts as an antibacterial agent.

These quick ways to help prevent the cold and flu this fall are easy to do if you haven’t tried them already! School comes with enough stress- following these tips can help you prevent getting sick on top of it, collegiate!

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