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Random Orange Cat: Mysterious Campus Pet

Very few people are really known campus-wide. This week’s Campus Celebrity, however, is known by everyone.

This is Random Orange Cat.

Random Orange Cat has a mysterious past to which few are privy. Is he owned by one of the campus’s neighbors? Is he simply a nomad, wandering wherever the wind and kitty treats take him? When asked this question, he simply curled around my legs, refusing to answer in his typical, secretive way.

Random Orange Cat knows what he likes, though. He’s no stranger to a good time! He mentioned that he always takes time for the finer, simpler things in life, as he enjoys being petted, hiding under bushes, and simply taking in the beautiful campus scenery during his walks. He is friendly, outgoing, and he’s always happy to meet new people, especially those who are willing to pet him. When asked his favorite thing to do, he chased after a bird. So mystifying Random Orange Cat is!

With such a laid-back attitude and openness to others, it’s no wonder he’s so well known. Random Orange Cat shared some of the wisdom he’s picked up throughout his wanderings. “Meow, meow,” he said. “Meow, meow meow meow. Meow.”

And there you have it, folks: the cat behind the mystery.

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