An Open Letter to the Girl with the "Ugly" Scar

Let me just start out be saying that your scar is the farthest thing from ugly. Your scar is a beautiful part of who you are. I want you to know that it isn’t true at all. Your scar makes you perfectly imperfect. I also want you to know that it’s ok to tell people your story, in fact, telling your story may encourage other people to show who they really are, and may even show them their self-worth instead of seeing what other people say is true.

            I was told for so many years that I wasn’t pretty because I had a scar. I let those bullies get to me and tear me down, and I don’t want you to do that too. You are absolutely beautiful and never let anyone tell you something differently. Those people, they are just bullies that are only trying to tear you down because they are jealous of your confidence. Keep you confidence and your self-worth high because you deserve to be happy whether they like it or not.

            Know that there are people who care about you whether it be your close friends and family, or someone at your school who you may be able to talk to. You deserve the world and you deserve to show your beautiful self to this world no matter what other people have to say about it.



            The Girl Who Understands