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An Open Letter to the Boy My Best Friend Loves

The boy my best friend loves,


            First of all, congratulations. You have won the love of the sweetest and the most amazing person on this planet! She will care about you more than you will ever know. Fair warning though, I’ve been with her through the good times and the bad times, through the happy moments and the mental breakdowns. You will have to share her. Don’t be offended if she comes to me instead of you about something. Chances are, she’s probably just scared and doesn’t want you to see it. She is one of the strongest people I know, but she has her weak moments too.

A few things to help you with her when she goes a little crazy or to help her love you even more:

1. She LOVES Chick-Fil-A and Starbucks, so spoil her with them as much as possible. That alone will make her the happiest person ever.

2. You are now her punching bag when she gets upset or stressed. Remember to take the punches but also calm her down.

3. We are a package deal. There is no her without me and no me without her, so expect me to know every little thing you do wrong and all the things you do right.

4.  Remember that I am here. All I want is for my best friend to be happy and if there is ever anything I can do to help you with a surprise, a gift, let me know. I love seeing her happy.

5. In my eyes, you will never be good enough for her… No, that doesn’t mean I think you guys aren’t cute together. I just mean that, to me, she is everything and no guy will ever be good enough for my best friend.

6. Lastly, DO NOT HURT MY BEST FRIEND!! If you hurt her, I hurt you, and that’s that.


Just know that she loves you and that you are lucky to have her in your life. So am I. Treat her with the respect she deserves, don’t ever think of her as anything less than perfect because she isn’t. I know that you will treat her like the queen she is. Thank you for making my best friend so happy.


I guess you’re alright.



            Your girlfriend’s best friend

WVWC 2022 Exercise Science Major I enjoy photography and the outdoors
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