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Nick Tworek

Name: Nick Tworek
Year: Super Senior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada
Activities: WVWC Swimming and Theta Xi Fraternity
Relationship: In a relationship
Celeb Crush: Mila Kunis
What is your best feature that wins over the ladies? I would say my smile… or maybe my maple leaf tattoo?
Turn Ons: A girl that’s athletic, intelligent, and can also bake great cookies
Turn Offs: Smoking
Pick up line: Don’t use them
Three words to describe yourself: Outgoing, confident, and open-minded
Favorite Movie: Hot Tub Time Machine
Hidden Talent: I’m a pretty mean cook
Ideal Dream Girl: Shorter than me, brunette, and athletic
Ideal Date: An NHL game (preferably the Edmonton Oilers) and dinner
Favorite Place: Banff, Alberta
Pet Peeves: Poor manners
Dream Job: Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Junior at WVWC, Psychology Major, Alpha Gamma Delta Sister.
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