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New Year, New Makeup

We’re back again, girls! Time for a new semester of laughs, friends and most importantly… beauty!  I’ve decided to share some new, affordable, yet totally fierce-worthy products that are out on the market right now and taking the beauty industry by storm. From my research, so far, it looks to me that this year is going to be the year of some of the best new products.  Brands are stepping up their game. Keep reading to get ahold of the hottest trends for this year!

A New Beauty Blender Dupe

Is your beauty blender on its last leg? Does your beauty sponge have stains or black specs of dirt from old age? Then it’s time for a new beauty tool! L’Oréal has released a new line of three, fun-colored beauty sponges.  Check them out here!

Some Full Coverage Foundation, While You’re at It

Along with their sponges, they made a whole new foundation formula.  A natural finish, 24 hours of wear time and full coverage for those under-eye designer bags and blemishes.  Perfect for the new semester! Expect a full glam face with this product!

Wet ‘n Wild also released a new foundation, and this one offers more shades if you’re having trouble finding your match!

And Along With That, You’ll Be Needing a New Eyeshadow Palette

Maybelline received mega-negative reviews on all their past eyeshadow palettes, but I think they finally upped the stakes.  This latest one, The 24K Nudes, has some stunning jewel tones and neutral shades for everyday wear.  If you’re hitting pan on some of your favorite higher-end, pricey palettes, give this one a fair shot and see if it’s worth its $10 price point.

Lipsticks. Lip Colors EVERYWHERE

It seems like everyone and their mother has made new lipstick collection. From Wet ‘n Wild to Maybelline to L’Oréal. There’s something for everyone!

This is only the tip of the iceberg, collegiettes. There are tons of other brands releasing single eyeshadows, more lipsticks and some new mascaras! Check them out and pick your favorites! Don’t forget to let me know which are your favorites on social media with #HCXOWVWC. Stay gorgeous!

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