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My Top 3 Plus Size YouTubers (Fall Fashion)

Large sweaters, Doc Martins, and layers of fall colors; it almost makes the cold worth it! One of my favorite things about the weather change is the fashion! The bigger the sweater, the better my day! My goal for the fall is to stay warm and look cute at the same time. For a while, society wasn’t very size inclusive, and today, it can still be a struggle. Now, there are multiple stores and a market for plus sized clothing, such as Torrid, Fashion to Figure, and Eloquii. No matter the size, there are many women and men who care what they wear and want to feel good in their own skin and clothing. As a plus size woman in this day and age, I have found multiple plus size YouTuber women that have helped me accept my body as it is. In addition, I have further developed my own personal style. Here are three plus size YouTuber women that I enjoy, and hopefully you will enjoy too!


1. Sarah Rae Vargas

Sarah Rae Vargas is one of the first YouTubers I started watching in for fashion. Her body is like mine, and that is when I started noticing that I could wear things a certain way to help me achieve what I wanted to look like. I am all for body positivity. I firmly believe that women and men shouldn’t have to change to fit the clothing, clothing should change to fit us! It is okay to work out, lose weight, maintain weight, be healthy, and indulge. I figured out that the number doesn’t always matter. 

Am I still self-conscious, sometimes? Yes. But no matter the size, we are still valid, and it isn’t wrong to wear what you want!

click here to watch her latest video!

2. Kellie Brown (And I Get Dressed)

Kellie is more prominent in the cat walk fashion circuit and has a unique style. She, in combination with Sarah Rae Vargas, made me aware of body types, such as apple, pear, etc. There are different body types. we are all different.  That being said, “dressing for your body type” is about perspective. For example, I wear crop tops because I believe they accentuate my hips and waist (something I picked up from Sarah Rae Vargas) and I want to have that hour glass shape. That is what I want, and what I think looks good.

There is a difference between dressing for yourself and dressing for your body type. You can do both. Dressing for yourself is very important. Kellie Brown is an example of this. She is definitely a fashion icon and rocks everything she wears. She is worth the subscription!

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3. Cassie (Thrift Thick)

Cassie doesn’t have many fall-based clothing videos, nor has she been doing clothing haul videos recently (she seems to have switched her focus to makeup). But, she led me to one of my favorite online thrift shops, Thred Up, and reminded me that I don’t just love fall clothing, but vintage and thrifted clothing as well. Her Thred Up videos are fun to watch! I have always thrifted, but not until a couple years ago did I really look at upcycling clothing, even though I always loved a good hand-me-down (I have multiple of my papaw’s sweaters on hand)! It is a fun website with a lot of cool clothing! 

If you are interested in Thred Up, follow my affiliate link. If you sign up using it and buy something, you get ten dollars and I get ten dollars! Check it out!


Click here to watch Cassie unbox a Thred Up Goodie Box! 


I take my new found love for fashion as a sign of acceptance of my body.There are plenty of empowering women out there. As you see, they come in multiple shapes and sizes, and these are just a few! I encourage you to watch all of them on your own! Until then, flaunt what you want, and enjoy the seasonal change. Dress cozy, dress naturally, dress you! 


Happy Fall! 








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