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Matt Searls

Name: Matt Searls

Age: 20

Hometown: St. Albans

Major: Exercise Science

Relationship Status: My girlfriend and I just had out first anniversary together

Activities: Hunting, running. 

Favorite Movie: I dont watch many movies, but I'll go ahead and say Behind Enemy Lines or Olympus Has Fallen

Favorite Sport: Track and Field

Favorite Food: Spaghetti! I'd eat it everyday if I could.

Favorite superhero: Batman(;

Dream Date: A day on the river in a canoe, with pit stops for lunch and swimming along the way. 

Celeb Crush: Hayden Panettierre

Turn-ons: Cute, modest dresses.

Turn-offs: Gossiping.

Best feature on a girl: Hair or legs, but definitely not hairy legs(:

Blonde or Brunette: Blonde, but what about red heads?

Country or City? Country

Hidden Talents: I can juggle, work a rubik's cube in less than two and a half minutes, and have eyes like a hawk.

Best pick-up line: I dont pick up girls, I go for long term relationships, which won't work with girls who go for pick-up lines.  



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