Junk Drawer Schedule: Spring Cleaning


            It’s about the time of year where the resolutions people set for the new year have faded. It’s also the time of year where people begin to recommit to organizing their lives and picking those old ideals back up. In this article, I want to suggest two simple ways that may help you get back in motion towards achieving your goals.

            You will work as hard as you want to achieve a goal. In other words, the work you’ve put into achieving your goal is one indicator of how much you really want to fulfill it. Many set goals to lose weight without realizing that many tinier goals must be set to attain a large end. Of course, losing weight may not be the goal you achieve, however the following principles can apply to any goal. “Jumping jacks, squats, and crunches may seem tedious but their purpose is in what they produce. Starting any kind of physical exercise program will enhance your health, but people who are most successful in making exercise a habit, who stick with a program and see real results - significant transformations in their physical aptitudes and physique – are those who have a higher purpose beyond simply ‘better health’” (McKay, B. & McKay K., 2017). To maintain enthusiasm and a steady program you must be persistent and disciplined. So, my first recommendation is, see if your goal is a “SMART goal” (Handrick, L., 2018).]    

      My second recommendation is to embed the goal into your daily life by intentionally setting time aside for it. Daily practice will build an attitude towards achieving your goal. Try writing down what you do in every hour of each day (class, sports, club meetings) then find gaps in the schedule to purposely make time for it. Then incorporate this schedule into the calendar or planner you use every day or stick the schedule somewhere you will see it each day. If nothing else, using the schedule below might just show you how much extra time you have that you didn’t first recognize!

Overall, keep striving towards your goal by making time for it every day, even if only for a bit. You can’t eat a cake whole, a bunch of small bites, however, will finish it!