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Hello Greek Life members of West Virginia Wesleyan College. Excited for Jump coming up this week? As many people know, (affiliated with Greek Life or not) Jump is an event Wesleyan hosts every semester to introduce the new members of each sorority and fraternity. After each organization hands out bids and the new members accept, we all gather on the day of Jump to celebrate the new additions to the family.

Every semester, all the organizations meet in the quad (the grassy area in front of Doney Hall) to begin the day. Some groups dress up in spirit with paint, jerseys, tutus, and various costumes. Others come dressed for business in suit jackets or blouses with dress pants. No matter what the clothes say, each group chant with pride as they yell and stomp to various cheers of his or her affiliation. When the actual event begins, one at a time, each sorority and fraternity will announce their new additions to their organization as the man or woman runs and “jumps” into his or her new Greek life home. When the group is done announcing, they get to have a moment to do a chant or stomp in front of everyone. However, just because this event will be over in an hour does not mean the celebration has come to an end. Many people continue the party well into the night as most sororities plan a mixer with a fraternity. Mixers are typically the usual for members to attend next until its time to return back to the dorms at the end of the night.

Happy Jump everyone! Hope you have a safe and wonderful time!

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