I'm No Damsel in Distress

We are women, and this means we’re all passionate, independent, capable and beautiful―all on our own. We don’t need men in shining armor to swoop in and save the day for us, even though it works out great in Disney movies.

We aren’t delicate flowers and we don’t need to be treated as such. We are passionate and strong beings with a voice.

We don’t want to be patronized―we want to be respected. We deserve it.

We can pick up the check when we go out to dinner. We can carry heavy boxes. We can hold doors open. None of these things need to be a man’s job. “Woman” is not synonymous with “fragile” or “delicate,” so why are we treated this way?

And when men do help us out, by no means do we owe them anything more than a thank you. Things like opening doors and buying dinner are common human courtesies, not free passes to a girl’s bedroom.

We are all women worthy of respect and self-love. Happy Women’s History Month, collegiettes! May we all uplift and strengthen one anothernot only this month, but always!