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I’m a Fan: Lauren Conrad

This is going to sound super duper much-more-than-I-would-ever-agree-to, but I really enjoy Lauren Conrad’s contribution to the world.

Lauren Conrad was raised in Laguna Beach, California, and attended Laguna Beach High School, so she is most certainly a SOCAL girl, but that by no means makes her a brainless woman.

She has a website worth reading and signing up for the periodic updates. Check that out here. http://laurenconrad.com/

She has a clothing line at Kohl’s that is cute and affordable. The other night, I was in Kohl’s with my mom looking for some tights and shoes for my friends wedding, and the fall collection was out in the Misses section.

Oh my goodness.

The sweaters and skirts and pants and shirts and everything was so adorable, great for a weekend afternoon date or an afternoon meeting.

Check it out here. http://www.kohls.com/catalog/lc-lauren-conrad.jsp?CN=4294873305&searchTe…

Her Twitter feed, Instagram page, and Pinterest profile are so cool!

Her Twitter isn’t full of someone else’s words as retweets and only shout-outs to other A-listers to show how famous she is (in fact, A-listers are posting to and about her!). She posts about things she loves, attached to links. Although we normally just want all of our tweets in 140 characters, her build up characters to the links are so tempting, you’ll find yourself clicking longer than your allotted study break!

Her Instagram and Pinterest profiles are full of pictures of things that are so Lauren Conrad. What is so cool is how her pictures are so commonly warm-toned and peachy, that you have to know that they are her favorite colors. I wonder if her favorite seasons are Spring and Summer.

On top of that, congratulations are in order for Lauren Conrad this weekend as she marries William Tell, a recent law school grad and musician.

She has been posting all over Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram about her upcoming nuptials, so if you’re like me and getting married, you’ve been watching this develop and gaining some ideas of your own. P.S. on that note – she has started a new line of bridal party styles, Paper Crown bridesmaids line! I don’t think she’ll stop there! I kind of wish she had started this a little sooner, my bridesmaids would have loved some of these!

Now, a moment of not-so-fanning: She was on reality TV, and I’m not entirely a fan of reality TV.

I also don’t prefer to compare men to purses because that’s just not my thing, but I do think she has some cute things to look at and great things to read, and her fashion sense is spot-on.

2015 graduate, and part of the founding HerCampus WVWC team, Stephanie now works as a Technical Writer for a technology contractor in Bridgeport, WV. Stephanie married her husband, JR, in October 2014, and together they have one toddler girl who is stealing their hearts and sanity one day and one dumped bowl of crackers at a time.
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