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Humans vs. Zombies @ WVWC

This week at Wesleyan, there were bandanas being worn by many. This wasn’t part of a new fashion trend, but of a game just in time for Halloween – Humans vs. Zombies. In this 3-day, campus-wide game, players have one of two objectives: if you’re a human, avoid the zombie tag that turns you into a zombie; if you’re a zombie, you must feed on (tag) humans in order to survive.

If a player was a zombie, they sported a bandana on their head but if a player was a human, they wore a bandana on their arm. It’s not as simple as the tag you may be familiar with; humans were permitted to carry weapons to protect themselves. These weapons were as simple as (hopefully) clean socks, a sword, or a nerf gun.

If a zombie was spotted, a human could shoot or hit the zombie with one of their weapons to “freeze” them (i.e., keep them from feeding on humans for 15 minutes – just long enough to escape!). There were missions, a lot of teamwork, and a little paranoia when walking from place to place on campus. The game was 24/7 for the 3-day period, and humans were only safe in certain areas and buildings. This game was hosted by Kristy Henson and her Freshman Seminar Class – Apocalypse Survival. The game was exciting and was certainly an enjoyable experience for all participants – well, except maybe a starved zombie!

If you missed out on your chance to play this time, be on the lookout next fall for another event like this! 

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