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Let me start by saying if you're under 21 years old, DO NOT step foot in a bar. You're not only wasting your time but you’re wasting the bartender’s time. Like most places you go, there are proper etiquette tips that you need to follow to enjoy your time at the bar and not piss anyone off. I'm a bartender at the C.J Maggie's in Buckhannon and I really do enjoy it, but there are few things that really grinds my gears and this is what this article is about. It's all the things you should know to NOT annoy your bartender.

1.   (This probably is the worse one.) TIP YOUR BARTENDER. I am getting paid 5 dollars an hour to bring you food and drinks which involves me running back and forth from the kitchen to the bar. If you don’t have enough money to leave a tip, stay home and get drunk there.

2.     Show me your I.D. I don’t care if you've never been carded anywhere else, you’re getting carded here. Especially if I've never served you before. Guess what, it's a $500 fine that the bartender has to pay if they don’t I.D people, so unless you're ready to show me your card or pay me 500 bucks, then kindly leave.

3.      You're getting what you pay for. If you want 5 shots of Patron, which is $8.00 a shot, then don’t complain that your bill is $40. Just pay, tip, and move on.

4.    If you have a certain drink request, you better look up the ingredients on your phone, because there's no way in hell I can remake a drink you had at a different bar, in a different state, 10 years ago.

5.     This has actually happened to me. A guy wants me to give him my number but when he hands me his card it's a picture of him and his wife. Please do not use the bartender to assist you in messing up your relationship. Thanks.

6.     We see you. We can all see and hear you. Which means… DO NOT snap, clap, bang on the table, yell, or whistle at your bartender. The world doesn't revolve around you. I personally follow the first come, first serve method. We will get to you as soon as we can.

7.     Maybe this is just me personally, but please, please, please do not talk about politics with me. This is supposed to be a chill and relaxing area.

Do not ruin it.

Hey my name is Parris and Im a writer and one of the social media directors for HerCampus at WVWC. Im currently studying in Media Studies to soon be a radio or television broadcaster. I love action movies, all music and my asshole of a cat Carder.
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