HC Spotlight: Hannah Pulley



Meet this week’s HC Spotlight, Hannah Pulley! Hannah is a member of our very own Wesleyan HC team! Get to know a little more about her here:


Year- Sophomore

Major- Athletic Training

Hometown- Lusby, Maryland

HC Position- Writer

Involvement at Wesleyan- I'm a member of the lacrosse team, a writer for Wesleyan's chapter of Her Campus, and a sister of Alpha Delta Pi.

Favorite memories at Wesleyan- Road tripping with my best friend & roommate, making Conference with my team, participating in Spring Sing this year, and any time spent laughing with my teammates, friends, and sisters!

What I'll miss most this summer- Not being able to see the people I've become so used to spending my time with every day

Any summer plans- Working at a physical/occupational therapy clinic back home, spending time with family, and catching up with friends

Ultimate summer vacation- Going on a road trip with no particular time line & having the freedom to stop & sight see wherever!


Get to know Hannah before the end of the semester or seek her out in the fall! She’s always wearing a smile and has the most contagious laugh!