Get Ready for Colder Weather With Faith Johnson!

Fall is here, but you can never be too prepared for what the weather may bring. As an Illinois native, HC WVWC Features Writer Faith Johnson tells us how to prepare for the upcoming weather and how she copes with it.

Her Campus: What does Illinois weather feel like around this time compared to weather here in W.Va.?

Faith Johnson: One thing that transfixed me about Illinois weather was witnessing tornados and intense lightning storms. One time, a tornado ripped through the town and tore my house's roof off, uplifted mobile homes, and destroyed traffic lights. Nature is powerful. Other than that, the winters can be very harsh. There are more ice storms and below freezing temperatures than actual snow. Fall in Illinois is so gorgeous, though. There are large maple trees everywhere and a place called Eckert's, which is a local apple orchard where you can pick pumpkins, enjoy fresh apple cider with delicious pastries, and enjoy the season with hayrides, haunted houses and family time.

HC: How are you preparing for the possible harsh winter?

FJ: With plenty of fuzzy, warm fleece blankets, a shopping spree for some soup and clothing and indoor entertainment. So, I'm not really all that prepared. Ha, ha. 

HC: What are some remedies you’d recommend to others for staying healthy and avoiding sickness?

FJ: Plenty of rest. When under stress, our immune systems are more easily compromised. I would recommend students to frequently clean their belongings, stock up on hot beverages or gatorade, and to prepare, whether that means loading up on Germ-X, soup, orange juice or your favorite snacks. The Wesleyan Plague is coming, after all.

HC: What are some indoor and outdoor activities you do during the winter?

FJ: Staying active during the wintertime can be complicated for me. Easing my mind with some yoga in the wellness center is always one of my go-tos for a great stretch before a run.  An amazing free app I have for strength, cardio, yoga and stretching is called SWORKIT. This winter, I anticipate playing lots of lacrosse, spinning and lifting. Some outdoor activities I enjoy in the wintertime are skiing and pelting people with snowballs!

HC: What’s your go to style for dressing in this weather?

FJ: Boots with thick long socks. I love colorful, warm and classy scarves. Basically, I dress to stay warm, comfortable and alive because winter is my least favorite season.

HC: Favorite movies?

FJ: Surprisingly, romantic movies and great thrillers that make you think, like the movie Limitless.

HC: Favorite beverage to drink in the fall?

FJ: Warm apple cider, pumpkin spice anything and peppermint tea.

HC: Advice to maintain healthy skin in this weather?

FJ: Stay moisturized. When the cold wind chaps everything it touches, be sure to wear gloves, a hat and a scarf. Keep plenty of cocoa butter on deck!

As the weather gets colder, be sure to visit Her Campus WVWC each week to read Faith's health and DIY articles!