Fun Ways to Keep in Touch with Your SO (or BFFs) Over the Summer

I’m sure everyone (including myself!) is more than ready to be done with classes for the semester but it’s also hard to think about leaving the people you’ve come to love over the past 9 months. Here are some fun plans to work into your summer that will keep these great relationships strong until next semester!


Send each other mail.

Exchange home addresses with your SO or your friends and write letters or send packages to them. Getting mail is a great surprise when you’re bored over the summer and knowing that your college friends are thinking about you on break is really sweet.


Have Skype/FaceTime dates.

If you’re missing an SO a lot over the summer, plan an evening together on FaceTime. You can fix the same food for dinner or watch the same movie and then talk about it. Or, if you need a fix with your BFFs, plan a group Skype sleepover and catch up for a night! You can also watch movies online with loved ones through certain sites like this one.


Meet up at a festival.

Find something cool going on between where you and a friend or SO live and make plans to meet up! If you live in here West Virginia there are some fun, small music festivals going on over the summer like the Mountain Music Fest in Fayetteville or Wanderlust at Snowshoe. There are plenty of festivals to choose from here in West Virginia, so you have plenty of options!


Plan a road trip.

Plan to go visit your friend or SO from school, or plan to go somewhere new together! Take time off from your summer job to go see what their hometown is like or maybe plan a backpacking and camping trip together. As long as they aren’t too far away, it’s pretty easy to make visiting an excuse for a cheap vacation!


The end of the semester can be pretty bittersweet, but look for all the potential in your time off for the summer and you’ll be back in the fall before you know it!