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Fierce for Fall: Beauty Tips and Tricks

Hey, collegiette!  It’s November, and you know what that means… lots of turkey with stuffing, carols on the radio and warm clothes! Having some trouble transitioning into the colder climate?  Keep reading to check out some fun tips for changing up your hair, makeup, and accessories for fall time to still feel as chic as you did in those sandals and tank tops. 

1. Scarves

These can be a bit tricky to pair with an outfit, especially if you’ve never owned a scarf before.  However, here are some ideas for what kind to buy for fall and how to wear them.

A scarf similar to this is a personal favorite of mine.  These are perfect for the freezing cold, and they spice up any outfit! If you’re hesitant about buying a pattern or bright color, just go with a neutral.  Navy blue, burgundy, beige, and grey are all great options.  Some of my favorite stores for scarves are H&M, Hallmark and Hollister.

How to wear it: 

Hair: it is entirely your preference, but I suggest either a high pony, top knot or loose, wavy curls.

Makeup: This depends on your scarf.  If you have a neutral color around your neck, go for a bold eye or a bold lip color.  One of my personal favorite looks is winged eyeliner, a top knot and scarf.  Very simple, chic and adorable!

Clothes: Large button-downs or flannels are always a go-to for fall fashion and look great with scarves.  Boots, simple bracelets or minimalist earrings, and cardigans are always fashionable if you want to be super comfy.  If not, go for some booties or a dress and tights to be flirtier.  It’s entirely your decision!

2. Lipstick

So my roommate, Brooke, bought two new lipsticks for the fall.  The first one is from Kat Von D in the shade gothica.

The second is also Kat Von D, but it’s called vampira

I can’t get over how gorgeous these colors look on her, and how great they look on others, too! 

How to wear it:

Hair: Let it go wild! The best part about making your lips the statement of your appearance is that it’s perfectly okay for your hair to be a little crazy and messy. 

Other makeup: Keep the rest of your face looking polished.  The less things that take away the impact of a bold lip, the bolder it seems.  A bit of contouring and mascara is really all you need to pair with it. 

Clothes: Make it whatever you want as long as it’s bold.  Leather jackets, heels, tight dark jeans or any other outfit that makes you feel attractive and confident is what you should rock.

There you have it! Some tips and tricks for your fall beauty guide. Stay gorgeous!

I love makeup and caffeine.
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