A Few Favorites with Emily Means

This week’s woman of Wesleyan can most often be found either in a science lab, a shopping mall, or her room! Meet one amazing woman of Wesleyan: Emily Means! Today, we’re going to figure out just a few of her favorite things to get to know some more about her and what she enjoys!


Major: Biochemistry with minors in Math and Human Biology

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Connellsville, PA

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food(s): Pizza and French fries

Favorite Animal: A little dog!

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Mine is definitely shopping! It’s just such an addiction for me! Every time I go home I end up coming back with more clothes that I can’t squeeze into my closet.

Favorite Thing about Wesleyan: My favorite thing about Wesleyan has to be the great professors on campus. I genuinely feel like the professors I have try to get to know you and actually want to work with you. It’s such an amazing thing to know that they care!

Favorite Memory at Wesleyan: Joining Alpha Delta Pi sorority the spring of my freshman year has been by far my favorite memories. It’s an experience I could never imagine going without.

Do you have any other special favorites?: Spending time with my family has always been one of my favorite things to do! I miss them when I’m at school and look forward to the weekends I’m able to sneak away from campus to see them.


Next time Emily goes home, be sure to sneak away with her. She’ll probably end up taking you along for a shopping spree or sightseeing in Pittsburgh!