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Fashion Forecast: Spring 2015

Milan Fashion Week wrapped up this week, which can only mean one thing: the latest and greatest trends for spring 2015 will soon be hitting the shelves of all your favorite stores.

Naturally, all of the dedicated fashionistas who practically observe Fashion Week as a religious holiday already know what to look out for.

But what about the rest of us?

Fear not, dear reader!

Here’s a breakdown of the most notable trends featured at Fashion Week—and don’t worry. These are outfits you can actually wear without looking like you just stepped off the USS Enterprise.



1. That’s Why They Call it the Blues.

If you’re still experiencing bit of the winter blues (considering the fact that it’s March and snow still continues to fall), you can easily shake them off by incorporating bright, blue pieces into your wardrobe.

Blue and white patterned dresses were the talk of the town at Fashion Week, and this is a classic trend that is just as wearable as it is unique. Denim was also a popular item, as baggy, cropped jeans were featured in collections by notable designers like Karen Walker and Adam Selman.

So now, you have free reign to buy all the boyfriend jeans to satisfy your heart’s desire.



2. Monochromatic Moxie.

Typically a fall/winter trend, many designers at Fashion Week proved that black and white pieces are just as classic and cool when worn in the spring/summer months.

According to Glamour, designers like Rebecca Minkoff featured monochromatic pieces with bold patterns and textures. In this case, high-contrast is high-fashion.

And the best part? It’s doable.

You can easily combine pieces that you already have stowed away in your closet, such as white tops with black jeans or vice versa—and don’t be afraid to incorporate funky patterns to create a more edgy look!



3.“It Was All Yellow.”

What better way to shut out skies of gray than to become your own personal ray of sunshine?

Yellow was an extremely popular hue featured on the runways this season.

Naturally, though, yellow is not for everyone. The key, however, is finding a hue that works with your complexion.

For example, pale yellows are more flattering if you’re fair-skinned, whereas mustard yellows and golds are better suited for olive complexions and darker skin-tones.

It’s all about making it work for you—and once you do, your sunny new outfit will undoubtedly light up any room you walk into!



4. Casual Chic.

This season, the casual-chic look is all the rage.

Peter Som’s collection featured funky, metallic gladiator sandals, while Charlotte Ronson decked out her models in classic, linen shirtdresses.

So congratulations, you can finally dig out your (and everyone else’s) favorite outfit circa summer 2012.

And besides, who doesn’t love a good shirtdress paired with some Keds or gladiator sandals? No one, that’s who!             



What’s your prediction for big fashion trends of 2015? Tell us in a tweet @HerCampusWVWC!

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