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Unless you’re one of my sorority sisters, you probably wouldn’t think I know anything about fashion; and you’re right, I don’t. At least not modern fashion. When it comes to today’s most sought after looks, I couldn’t tell you a single thing. So what do I know about fashion? If it comes from the 1950s, chances are I can tell you quite a bit!

So, let’s get rolling here:

In 1953, autumn styles were quite different than what you might have expected to come from the era of circle skirts and flared dresses:

That’s right! Slim frames were all the rage. In the above picture, you can see these two models sporting Harvey Berin attire created by Karen Stark. The features on these lovely, tweed, day-suits have more function other than looking pretty. Every characteristic is strategic in flattering a woman’s figure. The detached collar makes the neck appear longer and slimmer, the tucked-in waistline makes the shoulders seem broader (a powerful look for the working woman), and the pencil skirt (for the same effect as the collar) makes the legs seem longer while simultaneously showing off the hips.


On the left, you will see a typical afternoon (going into dinner) dress designed by Jane Derby. As was popular, this dress was made from silk-satin and embroidered with flowers. In contrast to the detached collar, the small V-neck on this gown brings more attention to slimming the shoulders. The dress still has a tucked-in waistline, creating a desirable hourglass. The skirt, although still slim, is slightly more flared than the tweed day-suit. It gave women a softer, more relaxed look after working hard during the day.

The evening/dinner dress on the right was designed by Nettie Rosenstein. It features a dramatic flair in the back that contrasts the otherwise narrow frame. The double collar makes the shoulders and neck seem slim and the thin belt around the middle brings attention to the waistline. Not only is the dress flattering on the model, but the color is absolutely gorgeous! The jewel-tone blue is such a great contrast to the afternoon/work outfits.

Well, I hope this article was a little bit educational but also inspirational,


Happy fall y’all!


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