The Easiest Makeup Look. Ever.

There are a lot of college women who love cosmetics, apply makeup everyday and have a skincare ritual. However, there are many girls who do not, for one reason for another. Many girls feel overwhelmed when faced with makeup: how to apply it, what different products are meant for, etc. So, I've decided to share a very basic look using only three products, and I've also included some links to items I recommend that can be found at Walmart. Makeup is not meant to be scary; for me, it is a pure joy and hobby!

1. Moisturize and/or prime.

Skincare comes before the cosmetics, and the first step for me is always a base for makeup. Moisturizer is important for after you wash your face to lock in the skin's natural defenses for battling dry, itchy patches. This will also help your makeup stick to your skin for a longer period of time. Another layer you can apply (completely optional, might I add) to ensure that your makeup stays in place all day is primer.  An ingredient in most is silicone, which acts as a sticky surface that makeup will cling to. Use either a sponge or your fingers to apply this. 

Anne's picks: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream or Neutrogena Healthy Skin Primer 

2. Foundation

Whether you prefer a liquid or powder base, it's up to you. My personal preference is to use a liquid foundation and apply a powder on top that doesn't have any pigment. However, there are many powder foundations that are super easy to apply.  It's all about personal preference. With foundation, the best way to apply it (both liquid and powder) is with either a damp beauty sponge or a medium-sized synthetic-haired brush in circular motions. 

Anne's picks: Almay Clear Complexion Pressed Powder or Almay Clear Complexion Makeup (liquid)

3. Mascara

If there's one thing I never do my makeup without, it's definitely mascara. I love it most because it enhances my eyes and complements my face shape. My biggest tip for beginners is to go very slow and don't rush yourself. It's possible to poke yourself in the eye... In fact, it still happens to me. 

Anne's pick: L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara

As I mentioned before, this makeup is very simple and only requires the most basic products. There's so much more you can add to it, including blush, bronzer, eyeshadow and so much more. However, if you're feeling intimidated, just start here. Just always remember, makeup is meant to enhance your beauty in any way you want it to, and don't ever feel discouraged by it. Stay gorgeous, ladies!