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Dough Re Mi!

In my voice lesson on Tuesday, my teacher was raving about the coffee, ginger candy, and molasses cookie she had got from Buckhannon’s newest coffee shop.

Me, being a pretentious coffee drinker, had to find out who, what, when, where, and how do I get some?



“Dough Re Mi was conceived by Heather Schneider and Trent Porter in the fall of 2014. Their skills in baking and music drove them to create their own unique vision of a shop that contained all of the things that they love. The vision grew and changed and Dough Re Mi is now stocked with supplies for local musicians as well as wares and produce from locals artisans and farmers, respectively. Heather and Trent have invested everything they have into making their dream tangible and hope that this Kickstarter will help them get their feet off the ground,” comes from their Kickstarter page, where they are raising money to fund this great local place. Visit their Kickstarter page here (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/951689014/dough-re-mi)



Are you a Musician?

They’re building up stock so you don’t have to drive all the way to Clarksburg.

Right now, they have a selection of picks, some drum sticks, capo for larger stringed instruments (guitar) and smaller (mandolin and uke), D’addario bass and guitar strings, Martin Bluegrass and SP strings, Elixr and Slinky strings, mandolin and banjo strings, and a couple different Snark tuners.


Or a Coffee drinker?

They do pour-overs by Buckhannon coffee roasters, Mountain Roaster.

They are legit coffee makers because they know that you have to bring the water to a boil and then pull it off and start the pour over at exactly 204-degrees.

Dough-re-mi knows that coffee is an art, a science, and a necessity. Just this week, I’ve tried both of their caffeinated offerings — Guatemalan and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Both were fantastic, reaching out in their own individual flavors. The Ethiopian was more fruity with an afterbite, and the Guatemalan was more fruity up front with a nutty backing. Wonderful.



They have local woodwork and pottery for sale, as well as some bagged Mountain Roaster Coffee and organic baking ingredients. I love that Dough-Re-Mi is locally owned and operated and they place an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients.


My only problem is that I wish Dough-Re-Mi would have been around sooner. Buckhannon just wants me to keep coming back after I graduate. Thank to Dough-Re-Mi, that won’t be a stretch to come back at all!


Now that your interest is piqued, go check it out. They’re located at 39 College Avenue, so not even a block from campus!




Do you remember where Hometown Market used to be? Maybe it’s better described as that house on the corner painted blue and gold. If you know where I’m talking about, you know exactly where Dough-Re-Mi is.


Follow them on Twitter @39CollegeAve or Friend them on Facebook: Dough Re Mi.

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