The Best of Josh Peck's Vines

If you’re the proud owner of a smart phone, it’s likely that you update social media at all hours of the day. If you’re addicted to Twitter like 31% of college students, you’ve probably come across many short videos from Vine.

Vine, a mobile app owned by Twitter, allows social media users to create videos up to six seconds long. Those shot by friends are amateurish, and others who are well known create better, more memorable Vines, but there’s one guy who stands out among them all: Josh Peck.

You remember him from The Amanda Show and, of course, Drake & Josh. He made us roll with laughter during every episode. Now that Vine has become the most used video-sharing app in the market, add Peck’s antics into the mix. You’re sure to have a good laugh!

Here’s an example of what you’ll see on his account. If you’re having a rough week at Wesleyan, simply watch a few of his videos. They'll put a (huge!) smile on your face.
Official Vine account: Josh Peck

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