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Ben Marshall

Name: Benjamin “Ben” Marshall
Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychology/Exercise Science
Hometown: Summit Point, WV
Activities: Men’s Soccer and Swimming
Relationship: single

What is it like being on the swim team? It’s hard, exhausting, and practice is way too early in the morning but I love it
What are fun things you like to do on the weekend? Anything outside, hiking, snowboarding, simply sitting in the sun
What are some of your personal values? Patience, creativity, wisdom
Celeb Crush: Scarlet Johansson
What is your best feature that wins over the ladies? My hair and eyes

Turn Ons: Girls who can snowboard, smart, fun, not afraid to try new experiences
Turn Offs: Girls who are always on their phone
Pick up line: never used a true pick up line I just introduce myself
Three words to describe yourself: calm cool and collected
Favorite Movie: Surfs Up Hidden Talent: I like to draw and play guitar on occasion
Ideal Dream Girl: someone who makes me a better person
Ideal Date: going to a concert
Favorite Place: Anywhere I can go and have a good time
Pet Peeves: complaining about everything or never in a good mood
Dream Job: Own a board shop by the mountain or on the beach, and be involved in the X-Games circuit. Ben is an outgoing guy who will keep on your toes.

Ladies watch out for this one, he will drive you crazy with his hair and eyes. Keep an eye out for Ben around campus.

Junior at WVWC, Psychology Major, Alpha Gamma Delta Sister.
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