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Been There, Done That: Broke A Bone

Back to campus, back to class, this broken foot’s a pain in my …

…well, you get it.

It never fails that someone breaks a bone or does something that lands them a little incapacitated for the beginning of the school year. After years of making fun of those people, I have had to eat my words (which wasn’t very comfortable).

I was out at a pool party with some friends when I decided to kick around a soccer ball I found.

Well, by a combination of no lights and nearby stairs, I fell and twisted up my ankle and broke my foot in two places.

I thought a sprain was uncomfortable? At least I could walk with little to no pain after two weeks. I’m still on crutches two and a half weeks later.

I didn’t intend on starting off this semester’s blogs with a Been There, Done That post, but if the boot fits, right? Ha, get it? Because I’m in a BOOT.

So, while I really was looking forward to getting this semester off on the right foot, it seems as if I’ll have to settle for my left.

I’m sure a few of my readers have broken a bone before, so they know my pain.

They know the feeling of uselessness because the pain and care taking of your injury makes you really not able to do all the things you used to be able to do with no problem. I can tell you that, I will never be more happy to wiggle my toes as when this break heals. 

I will also enjoy being able to drive myself to the grocery store and drive myself to work and drive myself to pick up the latest book or issue of a magazine on my reading list. You never really consider all you do with that broken limb until you can’t use it.

Also, you get pretty awesome nicknames like “Gimpy”, “Hobbles”, and “Tripod” (my personal favorite).

Here’s some other things I have learned:

I am not Superwoman

I have tried cleaning the house, cooking, doing dishes, crutch-hobbling through grocery stores, and putting pressure on my foot. BAD IDEAS. REALLY BAD IDEAS. Even if it doesn’t hurt so bad in the moment, it will later.

Follow the Doctor’s Orders

If he says to keep pressure off of it, keep the pressure off of it. By doing what he says, it could very well reduce your incased healing time and get you back to your daily life quicker. Also, it reduces pain and swelling and all that jazz.


You’ve heard of the acronym RICE for sprains? Well, I have learned that applies to breaks as well. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. It won’t be completely comfortable. I’m constantly wanting to let my foot free and take the ice off, but it’s all for the healing process! NO!

Let Someone Help You with That

Don’t be like me. Yes, I know you’re independent. You’re an independent woman who don’t need no man, blahblahblah. I’m going to possibly be on crutches longer because I have been so stubborn about letting other people help me. Let someone help. Ask someone for help. Ride in the embarrassing Wal-Mart scooters. You have a legitimate excuse to ask for help now, so freaking do it for once. Gosh. Rest (preaching to the choir… take your own advice, Steph).


I want your advice now. For those of you who have had broken bones, what do you suggest? Comment below or on our Facebook page. Write to us on Twitter.

2015 graduate, and part of the founding HerCampus WVWC team, Stephanie now works as a Technical Writer for a technology contractor in Bridgeport, WV. Stephanie married her husband, JR, in October 2014, and together they have one toddler girl who is stealing their hearts and sanity one day and one dumped bowl of crackers at a time.
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