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Angela Pittinger ’15 – WE LEAD Leader & Activist

Angela Pittinger isn’t your average upcoming graduate. Aside from her active involvement in several campus organizations like Student Senate and the WVWC Women’s Tennis team, Angela is paving her own path through college and into the future.
She created her own major, Leadership and Human Rights Studies, and worked last summer aiding foreign refugees in their trasition into life in America. On campus, she’s working to make the world a better place thorugh her position in WE LEAD – Wesleyan Engaging Leaders through Education, Awareness & Development. 
WE LEAD is a campus organization focused on service and advocacy of local, national, and global issues. The organization also has many different subgroups that show emphasis on specific issues, such as Poverty Reduction and Animal Welfare, that the student body believes pertinent to help resolve. 
Angela is leader for the Modern Day Slavery team and helps coordinate events that educate the community about the continued existance of slavery, especially amongst young women, across the world today.
She hopes her group’s efforts will spur action.
“Most believe slavery was eradicated in the 1860s at the end of the Civil War, but that just simplay isn’t the case,” said Angela. “People simply don’t know or understand how large of a problem this is in today’s society.”
She is also a primary leader for Wesleyan’s annual Social Justice Week, seven days of awareness and education events that start a dialogue about a wide array of issues. 
The week’s events include food/product drives, hands-on activities, guest speakers, and peace luminaries on the steps of Wesley Chapel.
The 2015 Social Justice Week will be held March 23rd through the 27th.
To be part of the Modern Day Slavery Team you can contact Angela Pittinger or any WE LEAD member for more information, or stop by their meetings on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. in the Center For Community Engagement (CCE) on the second floor of the Benedum Campus Center (Behind the old Bookstore). 
Everyone is welcome and are encouraged to bring friends!
Keep an eye out for more information on how to particpate in Social Justice Week and lend a hand to Angela and her team in the coming weeks! 
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