8 Times Buzzfeed's Feminism was Wack

Buzzfeed: the millenial-driven, meme-filled news site that floods our facebook timelines and gives us our daily dose of cute dog pictures. For the most part, Buzzfeed is a progressive, liberal company that does a great job empowering women. They employ a diverse group of women and produce articles about a number of feminist issues. But, as I understand it, the definition of feminism goes a little like this: 

Feminism is a movement that pushes for the social, economic, and political equality of both (or all) the sexes. 

In this case, why is Buzzfeed, a progressive and socially concious news site, producing articles that objectify men and promote unhealthy body image? A sample of these articles include: 

1. This

2. This

3. And this 

4: Annnnd this

5. This

6. Also this

7. Dont forget this

8. And here are just a few more 


Women aren't the only ones who struggle with body image issues and objectification. We're seeing more and more light shed on toxic masculinity and its negative effects in the media, but Buzzfeed still has a ways to go before it's fully on board. The site has produced some great pieces of journalism about feminism, but feminism isn't something you get to pick and choose from. Let's push for true equality without making men feel bad in the process. Okay, Buzzfeed?